Return & Refund Policy

GoNJoy’s Return and Refund Policy

1. As you may know, GoNJoy (hereinafter referred to as “the Platform”) is an e- Commerce platform designed to connect vendors/merchants and service providers to consumers and users such as yourself. Be that as it may, one should take note that when it comes to any transactions that would involve the sale and delivery of products or even services rendered, there is a possibility that you may become unsatisfied with the condition of the product or quality of services rendered (among other things). On this note, the Platform provides a Return and Refund Policy subject to the terms and
conditions contained herein.

2. It should also be made known that for some of the vendors/merchants and/or service providers you may find on the Platform, they may have their unique Return and Refund Policy so it would be prudent for you to first educate yourself with the respective vendor/merchant and/or service provider’s Return and Refund Policy. For the avoidance of any doubt, you are encouraged to check with the respective vendor/merchant and/or service provider’s Return and Refund Policy first before any purchase are made.

3. This Return and Refund Policy is only applicable to purchases which are made directly from the Platform at or the GoNJoy Mobile Application. For avoidance of doubt, in the event a vendor/merchant and/or service provider has no unique Return and Return Policy, the above mention Return and Refund Policy shall be applicable.


4. Any request for a return of product or refund has to be made within THREE (3) days from the date of receipt of parcel or THREE (3) days after the end of any service period, failure to make your claim within the prescribed THREE (3) days, will render all complaints made beyond the prescribed duration null and void.

5. However, in the event any defect or unsatisfaction (among other things) of the product and/or service had only accrued after the prescribed THREE (3) day period as mentioned in Paragraph 4 above, the Platforms maintains full discretion to allow or reject said complaints made.

6. Generally, any request to return of product and/or for refund is made on the following grounds: –

6.1 Consumer did not receive the intended order (e.g. undelivered/missing parcels);

6.2 Consumer receives incomplete product(s) (e.g. missing part of product, missing products from order);

6.3 Consumer receives product(s) that was never intended for consumer (e.g. wrong size/colour, different product); or

6.4 Consumer receives damaged or faulty product(s) (e.g. dents, scratches, cracks, malfunction).

7. In the event the vendor/merchant and/or service providers dispute the user/consumer’s request for return of product and/or refund, the Platform shall have full and final discretion on deciding if the request for return of product and/or refund is legitimate, reasonable and fair. In the event a resolution could not be met between parties, the Platform nor the Company shall be held responsible or liable for any loss or damages suffered.

8. Users/consumers/companies whom have registered themselves to be affiliates of GoNJoy and had bought affiliate packages, who wishes to return the said affiliate packages purchased from will only receive a 90% refund as there will be a 10% administrative charge imposed by the Platform or the Company within SEVEN (7) days. Any return request after the said SEVEN (7) days and within THIRTY (30) days, the affiliate will only receive 50% refund . The refund is only applicable if the bought package is not being claimed or delivered to the said affiliate. In any event, the Platform and/or the Company shall have full discretion when considering the request for refund by affiliates.

Manner and Mode of Product Return

9. In order for products to be returned to the Platform, the users/consumers are highly advised to repackage the products properly by ensuring that the product is sealed properly and tightly to prevent damage or further damage to it during its return.

10. In the event it is discovered that the product returned was not properly repackaged, the Platform reserves its right to deem that the said product had been damaged during its return trip.

11. Upon receipt of the returned product, the Platform’s customer service will perform a thorough inspection on the returned product as part of its investigation on the user/consumer’s request for return product and/or refund.

12. For avoidance of any doubt, users/consumers are also encouraged to prepare the following documentary proof to support their request for return of products and/or refund: –

12.1 Official proof of shipment with information such as delivery service, proof of payment, receipt number, sender/recipient names, contact number, and shipping address; and

12.2 Written agreements or contracts between user/consumer and vendor/merchant and/or service provider (especially if the buyer is returning using a non-traceable mailing option).

13. Free gifts or complimentary product(s) cannot be returned individually or exchanged with cash or credit. Any attempt to return free gifts or complimentary product(s) shall be outright rejected.

14. Delivery or shipping fees shall be non-refundable.

15. For product(s) that were wrongly delivered, the user/consumer shall be required to notify the Platform within SEVEN (7) days of receipt of the product(s) and return the wrongly delivered product(s). The Platform shall then arrange to re-deliver the correct product(s) to the user/consumer SEVEN (7) days from the receipt of the wrongly delivered product(s). 

16. In the event the intended product(s) is out-of-stock during the period of re-delivery by the Platform, the user/consumer shall agree to provide the Platform with reasonable extension of time to re-deliver the intended product(s). Alternatively, the user/consumer may opt to request for alternate product(s) either with similar value or lower than what was initially purchased and/or engaged. For the alternative product(s) which has a lower value, the Platform will not reimburse the user/consumer the differential sum. In the event the user/consumer wishes to exchange for product(s) with a higher value, the user/consumer shall be allowed to do by paying the differential amount, subject to availability.

17. Once the Platform or the Company notifies the user/consumer on their successful request for a refund, the Platform or the Company shall process the refund (exclusive of delivery and shipment fee) within 90 days from the date of receipt of the request or goods return (whichever is later).

18. The Platform and/or the Company may update and/or amend this Return and Refund Policy at any time without prior notice by publishing the latest version of these Return and Refund Policy on the Platform. If you continue to access the Platform, you shall be deemed to have agreed to and accepted the latest version of this Return and Refund Policy. For clarity’s sake, it is highly recommended for you to check on the Return and Refund Policy from time-to-time to keep yourself updated of any possible changes.

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